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australian slang- fuck yes, enthusiastically YES!
1:wanna smoke?
2: fuckin oath!


1: Would you like a cigarette?
2: Why thank you, good sir.
#yes #fucking #hell #damn straight #yep
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
A real engine. Dosent matter if its Chev, Dodge, Holden, Ford its gonna beat the shit out of a fart-can possesing turbo four cylinder. Think about it: You do the exact equivilent modifications to a v8 powerhouse and to a 4 cylinder fart-box you will always get more horses out of the v8. Its simple maths. More cylinders= More Displacement.
I love it when i scream past a wanker in a 4 cylinder hatchback with a 10 inch tacho and 36 inch exhaust, and scare the absolute shit out of him, with my Holden ute, powered by a quality Australian V8.
#power #real man #quality #good stuff #powerhouse
by fucknuckle October 27, 2006
SHELLOIL when entered into a calculator upside down. Try it, im sure you will be pleasently suprised.
i put 71077345 in my calculator. It made shelloil!
#shell #oil #calculator #upside down #motor oil
by fucknuckle July 27, 2006
Australian slang for apple pie
IE: get a load of this Jiggery Pokery up ya! its grouse!


Here, try this apple pie. I'm sure you will find its most delicious.
#apple #pie #jiggery #pokery #grouse
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
Amusingly-Shaped, excellent, spiffing
that bike is grouse!
#amusingly-shaped #excellent #spiffing #awesome #great
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
Infanticide, baby removalist, etc etc
I used a dingo to get rid of my baby
#dingo #baby #removal #removalist #kill
by fucknuckle July 15, 2006
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