Top Definition
1) Best porn star ever. Specialty is up the ass.

2) Anal sex.
1) Jenna Haze makes noises.

2) Stop Jenna Hazing me or I'll tell the police!
by Toxisac February 24, 2004
The hottest porn star ever. Born in 1982. Specialty is anal sex.
Jenna Haze is one hot pornstar.
by Corb December 12, 2006
Hot female pornstar who only does lesbian scenes now.
Damn, Jenna haze is hot!
by CorporationX May 26, 2004
A skanky, overrated, lame-ass pornstar who is masturbated to by legions of retarded losers, like those posting above.
Jenna Haze wouldn't be hot even if she went through puberty.
by chodar July 13, 2008
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