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When you get busted by the cops or the feds and they decide to press charges.
Throw those rocks nigga! I ain't tryin to get jammed up son!
by nunya October 17, 2004
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An adjective describing a state of nervousness, anxiety, stress, and tension
The stress of this golf tournament sure has Keith all jammed up!
by Nexter Level April 22, 2009
1. Not being able to make a competent play because of either an inability to make a timely decision on how to strike or another player causing mental interference.

2. In ping pong, when a defensive player cannot decide whether to use a forehand or backhand resulting in an awkward combination of unathletic moves.

3. In volleyball, not being able to choose between setting or bumping most likely resulting in being hit in the chest/face. Hitting between two players causing both to assume the other will hit is also considered proper usage.
Player 1: Don't get jammed up son!
*player 1 serves to player 2's hip*
*player 2 is unable to return ball*
Chris Dobson: Awwwww. I'm all jammed up!
by rck352 May 25, 2010
1.) to get really drunk
2.) when something is not working properly
3.) when body parts are injured
1.) Did you see him slamming all those beers last night? He was all jammed up.

2.) I can't get this vice to is all jammed up.

3.) Wow your knee is all jammed up after that accident eh?
by jdebrita March 20, 2008
when you get soooo fucked up from ripping an OC 80 and cannot control your scratching......that is being jammed up
Yo dude, i just ripped that whole oscar, I'm so jammed up!
by City Bird April 12, 2008

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