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A Person who plays Halo2 for xbox live for the specific purpose to have an online relationship with another player. This person is usually extremely ugly in real life and stays in doors as much as he/she can in fear of going out to the world of real people and getting made fun of he/shes appearance which is why online dating is the sollution!

Someone who -

- Is a slut/whore/eWhore
- Dates a new guy over the internet every other day
- Fat and ugly to extreme measures
- Lives in poverty
- Lives in Maryland
- Gets the crap beaten out of him/her by his/her kid brother if he/she doesn't let him watch the TV
- Unemployed
- Birthday is in August
- Extremely EMOtional
Duff: Goddamnit!
Brady: Whats wrong man?
Duff: My online girlfriend broke up with me on halo today :(
Brady: It's ok dude you i'll hook you up with an online whore like Urphantasyangel later she just broke up with her online boyfriend a few days ago and she nearly OD'd with sleeping pills but failed, so shes back on Halo now
Duff: Thanks man! Lets go do the superjump on lockout, and don't kill me this time!
by Bill Lumberge August 04, 2007
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