1. Third largest planet in the solar system by diameter and least massive of the gas giants. Discovered by Sir William Herschel in 1781. A naked eye object in good conditions if you know where and what to look for. Higher proportions of water ice, methane and ammonia in the atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune have led astronomers to class these worlds in a separate category known as the ice giants. Knocked on its side by an early impact to its current 98-degree axial tilt, Uranus rolls almost like a ball along its orbit, with first one hemisphere and then the other experiencing daylight. Uranus is known for a system of dark rings of carbonaceous material. Orbits the sun at 1.787 billion miles mean distance, or approaching twenty times Earth's distance, from the Sun. Wins the booby prize for the least photogenic planet in the system, appearing a more or less featureless cyan globe, though this may change at the equinoxes every 42 Earth years. Visited by Voyager 2 in 1986. At last count, 27 moons.

2. Romanised form of the Greek god's name Ouranos, god of the heavens.

3. No scatological jokes, please.
If you know what part of the night sky to look at, you can see the planet Uranus if you squint.

Uranus, god of the heavens.
by Fearman May 12, 2008
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The butt end (no pun intended) of every joke about planets in the 5th grade.
5th-grader: "Uranus has several rings surrounding it."
Other fifth-graders: BWAHAHAHAHA!
5th-grader: "Uranus has a dark, rocky surface."
Other fifth-graders: BWAHAHAHAHA!

I could go on all day ...
by GaMeRuInEr September 12, 2006
1. Uranus - a planet
2. UrAnus - an hole in the body where waste products are removed
1. i went outside to look at Uranus
2. i went outside to look at UrAnus
by Tom Ivens May 05, 2003
A planet that lends itself very well to really, really stupid jokes.
Jim: Hey Tom, look through this telescope.
Tom: What? What am I looking at now.
Jim: Well, I just saw URANUS in the sky! Ha-HA!
by Wesley Durrance December 22, 2005
1.seventh planet in our solar system.
2.bend over, stick your head between your legs and see.
Hey, I see Uranus
The third largest planet (by diameter,) and fourth largest (by mass,) and the seventh from the sun in the solar system, Uranus is basically a large ball of hydrogen, methane, helium, and, to a lesser extent, ammonia (which gives it the bluish color). Uranus is pronounced your-anus by many, making it the butt (pun intended) of many jokes. Though many astronomers perfer to pronounce it yourunus.
Viewing Uranus in the sky through a telescope is basically looking at a blue ball with a black background.
by The person who never was March 14, 2007
The Brown star located at the center of the "Ass" Constalation.
Erney: "Man, I'm so tired, Bill"
Bill: " Why, what were you doing last night"?
Erney: "I was staring at Uranus all night"!
Erney: " Hey... slow down Bill, Where are you running off to"?
( 2 sec. later, Bill is just a small dot all the way down the road).
Erney: "What did I say"?
by mavros April 27, 2006
A homosexual astronomer's favorite planet.
Why would you not want to work next to a queer astronomer?
Because he would always be looking at Uranus!
by Nickel Man is no queer. March 03, 2011
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