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referring to the 5th amendment of the United States.
"Plead the 5th, homie."
by DTDB8732 March 08, 2009
to have too much of the 5th means to be a pathetic human being.

Attributes of a man should be
1 Power
2 Pace
3 Precision
4 Passion
5 Pathetic
6 Pride

A man should show as much of the 'Ps' as possible whilst not showing any of the 5th
Look at that reptile, his mrs stopped him from necking his drink like the good old days.
yeah, he's showing too much of the 5th. we've lost him as a lad

Mate, i can't go the gym, my back hurts.
Seriously, you are showing too much of the 5th.
by k-y-s March 27, 2012
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