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Pun intended. (and now acknowledged)
Jack: "At least the farmer made it back to his roots. No pun intended."

Jill: "There's no chance that pun was unintentional."

Jack: "Yeah, I know. I just instantly feel like an annoying asshole."

Jill: "Good, you should."
by placeholderhandle June 22, 2015
1. the act of discovering a pun by sheer coincidence and announcing the find.

2. the act of deliberately making a pun and feeling embarassed that it can't be taken back
person 1: wait....haha! get it? no pun intended!
person 2: stop lying: you said that on purpose.
by dan trainor March 19, 2007
something you say when you attempt to make a joke with a pun and no one laughs at it.
person 1- ray william johnson is retarded

person 2- yea, he's raytarded.

*cricket chirps*

person 2- no pun intended.
by eggcorn July 23, 2011
AMERICAN PHRASE, widely considered by some to be a cliché. Two uses of this phrase.

#1. "No pun intended!" Is a clarification you make after a remark you uttered that DID indeed contain a pun. You exclaim, "No pun intended" because you honestly did mean to construct the setence to contain a pun.

#2 The second meaning of, "no pun intended" can be tongue-in-cheek or more harshly put, untruthful. In this instance a person purposely inserted the pun. The motivations for doing so vary. Some reasons include: doing it to be humerous, attempting to be clever, wanting to engage in word play, or doing so to annoy people who hate puns. They fib by saying, "No pun intended!" because: they want to avoid embarrassment after no one laughed, escape retribution from those they annoyed on purpose or perhaps they feel foolish for making the pun at all.
#1 Pun WITHOUT intent. "That pistol is so tiny looks like he could be a son of a gun. Sorry, no pun intented!"

#2 Pun WITH intent: "Look at that duck. Hope he has a lot of money just look at the size of his BILL! Ha, ha, ha! No pun intended, right guys?"

intended no pun intented unintended pun puns "no pun intended" phrase cliché
by A Suburban Urban August 12, 2015
A phrase pertaining to a situation in a ironic sense.
"When I was presenting my fiancee with the ring, it fumbled out of my fingers and rolled down the sidewalk into the sewer. I guess you can say I had a 4-carat run of bad luck. No pun intended."

"When I lost my job, my boss called security guards who took me by force and threw me outside their front door. Just as I was sitting there on the sidewalk, a man dropped a newspaper in my lap and I saw an ad for a job. I guess you can say the opportunity literally fell in my lap."

"Cats are like men when it comes to looking for a date. Their singing resembles cat wailing. Never go to Karaoke on a Saturday night if you don't like cats. The air will be thick with cat call both inside and outside."
by mamaiamjustaman December 15, 2011
An emphasis which can be used at anytime, for anything.
1) No pun intended, but, I just pooped myself.
2) No pun intended, but this sentance will not make any sense.
by Fat Josh January 13, 2009

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