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Someone hailing or claiming ancestry from Mexico.
"The damn Mexicans stole my tires again."
by Wesley Durrance August 22, 2005
Anybody who has ideals that are similar to that of the communists.
Beaver: Gee wally, that Eddie sure is a commie douche-bag.
Wally: Yeah, I guess you're right Beav.
by Wesley Durrance July 21, 2005
A planet that lends itself very well to really, really stupid jokes.
Jim: Hey Tom, look through this telescope.
Tom: What? What am I looking at now.
Jim: Well, I just saw URANUS in the sky! Ha-HA!
by Wesley Durrance December 22, 2005
A 20 sided die used in many games in the "Dungeons & Dragons" series of tabletop role-playing board games.
Carl: Say Falacorn, let's break out the d20 and set us up a game of *gasp* DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS.
Joe: Indeed Yeldor, but I call dungeon master!
*slap fight ensues*
by Wesley Durrance July 21, 2005
A Charms brand lollipop with gum in the center. The greatest lollipop ever invented. Also, when used in normal conversation, can be confused with blow job.
Derrek: Yeah, I voted for Stephanie for Junior Class President because she gave me a blow pop in the hallway. I love those things!
Mark: What?!
Derrek: No dude, blow POP.
Mark: Oh.
by Wesley Durrance September 23, 2005
Someone who wears clothes from "Dixie Outfitters", has Confederate Battle Flags on everything and generally destroys our heritage.
Thanks a lot you redneck wannabes, your ruined what it meant to be a Southerner.
by Wesley Durrance September 16, 2005
Bible-speak for you. It can be used in a Biblical Curse.
Thou art doomed, for thine own spawn shalt be born of hellfire, forthwith!
by Wesley Durrance September 19, 2005
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