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The butt end (no pun intended) of every joke about planets in the 5th grade.
5th-grader: "Uranus has several rings surrounding it."
Other fifth-graders: BWAHAHAHAHA!
5th-grader: "Uranus has a dark, rocky surface."
Other fifth-graders: BWAHAHAHAHA!

I could go on all day ...
by GaMeRuInEr September 12, 2006
Would be fucked if it didn't have Las Vegas.
Anything outside Las Vegas is nothing but desert when it comes to Nevada.
by GaMeRuInEr September 14, 2006
Masturbating in the bathroom of an airplane in-flight.
I was feeling horny and the flight attendants were looking pretty hot. We weren't going to land at LaGuardia for another hour, so I decided to go to the bathroom and have an orgasm at 35,000 feet.
by GaMeRuInEr August 20, 2006
The stoner's Xbox. Slightly more powerful than its 360 counterpart due to the fact that the graphics engine is a bit more advanced when on weed.
That stoner down the street got an Xbox 420!
by GaMeRuInEr January 14, 2007
The strange erection you get on Christmas morning due to the excitement of opening presents or the thought of opening presents.
I got a Christmas boner when I saw a huge present by the tree that was for me.
by GaMeRuInEr December 25, 2006
Having rough sex with someone while wearing a clown suit.
Mike gave Lisa a funny bone.
by GaMeRuInEr July 30, 2006
A blunt so large that it is considered to have double the capacity of 420.
He rolled up an 840 and smoked the whole damn thing in an hour and a half!
by GaMeRuInEr April 20, 2006

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