1. A Greek god whom was castrated by his son, Cronos, at the order of his mother, Gaia (who was also the mother of Uranus), whom was forced to endure the sheer pain of her ugly children being pushed back into the womb at the moment of their birth by Uranus. Word.

2. A verb referring to the actions of the person described above

3. A now obsolete term referring to a planet in the Terran solar system; now superseded by "Urrectum".
Heh, those kids and their "abortions". Why, in my day, we just uranused them back in and let them suffocate!
by Armendane February 06, 2007
1) Uranus, a planet in the Solar System that is used in many jokes involving the Bum-hole of humans.

2) the word used in many retarded bum-hole-related jokes.
1) Uranus sure is far away from the sun!
2) I see Uranus! And not the planet Uranus!
by Sirius123 May 08, 2007
The 7th planet from the sun, and the funniest, due to what it's name sounds like. Will eventually be renamed "Urectum" in the future to end these stupid jokes once and for all.
Uranus is a dark, gassy, and mysterious place

There are many rings around Uranus

If you don't shut the fuck up with these immature jokes, I'm going to rip Uranus in half
by rtv0587 April 19, 2011
The 7th planet from the sun in our solar system.noted for its interesting axis of orbit and it rings.

Also elicits laighter due to it being pronounced as your anus.
Uranus is my favorite planet because it moves in such an interesting way.
by ténti December 30, 2013
A planet named by a very innocent man,

the focus of every astronomy joke ever
Renamed in futurama to urectum to stop the jokes
Uranus is a gassy planet
by Washy February 17, 2015
the seventh planet in the solar system, also used in many jokes. it is said in jokes as UrANUS
NASA couldn't reach Uranus because it is too gassy
by Bej1 June 05, 2012
1. Your anus
2. What a potato could enter
3. what brown potatoes come out of
4. a gas giant
5. donald trump
6. an anus as big as uranus
by My pseudonym is SHUTUP June 15, 2016
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