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Making crap out of garbage. Just like Martha Stewart used to, but "original" and more pretentious.
Examples of upcycling:

Earring made of Christmas lights.
Painting empty liquor bottles and calling them vases.
Purses made out of soda can pop tabs.
Putting your baby pictures in beer caps.
by IDKWhatIIsDoin February 27, 2014
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A word which will make any UK Edexcel ICT GCSE student cringe. An activity that they will devote two wasteful years of their life to, writing websites, spreadsheets, databases, lists and any other mundane task the board demand. When asked what it means, any IT student will go into a trance before spelling it as it is: "The action of making a worthless object into a new one with more value"
Newsreader: Now we will talk about Anne, who is starting a business based on Upcycling furniture

Guy 1: huh, I wander what upcy...

Guy 2: "The action of making a worthless object into a new one with more value"

Guy 1: woah, whats up with your voice, are you high as a fly?
by bishbashboshjt May 27, 2012
"Upcycling": The process of converting waste materials or useless products into new, even more useless products with absolutely no environmental value whatsoever.
Additional info: Anyone that purchases upcycled products or engages in upcycling invariably smells of sanctimony and douchewater. FACT.
by Spicahontas April 24, 2011
The practice of converting waste materials into products of greater value.
By upcycling, the contractor took a junked Boeing 747 and created a home for a client.
by PittCaleb November 08, 2007
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