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A two digit vaginal or anal fingerbang.
After working over Crystal's asspipe with a half hour of wunderbar, Tony easily managed to go twix on that bitch.
by Bigbear Goldstein January 30, 2008
95 48
Two black people in the same sleeping bag.
You look at those two black campers. They look like a Twix.
by qbot April 30, 2003
254 108
Noun: A chocolate bar. Finger-shaped crunchy biscuit topped with caramel and coated in chocolate. Rumoured that some people also use these for other things =/

Verb: To twix = to finger.

'I twixed myself with a Twix'
'One finger or two?'
by Twixy February 21, 2006
112 54
To stall in order to create an excuse that saves you from embarrassment, beatdown, etc. This may or may not be accomplished by freezing time/eating candy.
He twixed himself out of trouble after his girlfriend found an inappropriate text.
by Wildcatter June 06, 2010
45 23
Two dicks inserted and occupying one rectum at the same time.
She's taking two dicks in her ass right now! Yeah girl, conquer that Twix!
by JAbstract May 26, 2011
21 8
Slang term for a 26-ounce bottle of hard liquor.
Hey Keebz, where's the other twix of Bacardi?
by Keebler May 09, 2004
57 48
20$ bill

gangster way to say it in mtl
"yo lemme borrow a twix"
by jdawg88 December 04, 2012
6 5