1. to be confused
2. for something to be confusing
1. I am so twix right now!...or... Man, that dude is twix.
2. This book is F***ing twix.
by Kchicken October 11, 2005
Stupid, Annoying, Noob. Often used to refer to someone who frantically masturbates to pictures of very old, ugly women. Rhymes with pricks.
Twix never had a girlfriend. If he did, her name was rosie palms.
by Corrozus March 10, 2005
this word doesn't mean much on it's own. but once put together with the word bable(which doesn't mean anything either), makes the best expression in the world! bable-twix total man!
-hey man, what are u up to?
- hey dude, i just had the awesomess party ever!
- oh man! bable-twix total dude!
by bc14a November 28, 2006
my best brown friend, commonly referred to as josh
twix owns all people cuz hes SO brown
by queers annonomous June 21, 2003
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