When you are fucking your woman, just as you about to cum, you jamb two fingers in her ass and then reach around and shove them up her nose.
I was fucking my wife and was ready to cum. I jammed my fingers in her ass and reached around and gave her a twix.
by bridawg71 November 21, 2010
Twix is a slang quantitative word meaning £200. Coming from the fact that biscuit is monetry slang for £100, twix can be used to double up this value.
Tricky: Why is Mitch called Twix?
James: It's 'cos he said he'd suck off a man for £200.
Tricky: Oh right, like a biscuit, only theres two of them...
James: Bingo.
by MitchTheBastard March 02, 2009
A slang term for Penis
Hey damian dude how big is youre twix?! or
by George and the twins May 06, 2008
Twix; adj: originates from the latin "twixfactus" referring to a person/s who is no longer in control of excretary processes due to unforsen external influences or pressure. (pant shitter)
"oh my god i think he's twixed it.....quick call the twix man...tell him to bring extra sawdust and shovals."
by Pedal A.ttack November 10, 2005
Two fat joints (or marijuana cigarettes for those who somehow don't know what a joint is.)
We can smoke these twix.
by Illinois Joe August 16, 2004
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