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20$ bill

gangster way to say it in mtl
"yo lemme borrow a twix"
by jdawg88 December 04, 2012
A nickname given to an individual that directly relates to the advertising campaign slogan, "Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix."
Let's call him Twix! Seems like he always 'needs a moment,' ya know?
by Jelyssa November 02, 2008
When things get weird during intercourse and your partner puts two fingers inside your butthole only to pull them out and lick the "chocolate" off.
"She wanted to get kinky so I twixed her."
"How was it?"
"Grand. Just wish she didn't have Indian the night before."
by Leglobe March 04, 2013
Something is good, A girl is fit etc
"Oh man that girl is twix"
by CKY May 21, 2012
Someone who wishes to have threesomes or foursomes or thensomes.....when there is only two to the pack but wants more.
Guy: 'I fancy a threesome'.
Girl: 'But there is only two in the pack'.
Guy: 'Don't worry we can improvise'.
Girl: 'Stop being such a twix'.
by Long Johns September 06, 2011
bar catch whip
i did a twix on that spine the other day!
by atthepool001 April 05, 2011
When you are fucking your woman, just as you about to cum, you jamb two fingers in her ass and then reach around and shove them up her nose.
I was fucking my wife and was ready to cum. I jammed my fingers in her ass and reached around and gave her a twix.
by bridawg71 November 21, 2010