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4 definitions by JAbstract

Two dicks inserted and occupying one rectum at the same time.
She's taking two dicks in her ass right now! Yeah girl, conquer that Twix!
by JAbstract May 26, 2011
Asian vagina. Specifically a Japanese pussy.
On my last visit to Japan and met a sweet girl and inserted my throbbing member into her Sushi Pocket.
by JAbstract May 26, 2011
Here, hide this in your Sausage Holster.
by JAbstract May 26, 2011
Anus. Specifically the rectum of a black magick occult practitioner, a dark coven participant or member of a hardcore metal band.
Q: Why did you name your doom metal band "Southern Halo"?
A: I was inspired by the ultra-low frequency sine waves that emanated from my anus during ritual sacrifices.
by JAbstract May 29, 2011