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4 definitions by viva_la_gloria

having your flat mate walk in on you while you are making out with yourself in the mirror, moaning, and saying in a deep, sexy, voice: "oh, baby".
the true meaning of awkward.
by viva_la_gloria July 28, 2009
978 336
something that your mom forgot to use before you were born.
*while giving birth*

Your mom: Damn, I should have used birth control....
Your dad: Damn straight!
by viva_la_gloria July 28, 2009
275 102
A friend who just happens to be a midget.
Say hello to my little friend.
by viva_la_gloria July 28, 2009
31 7
A stalkers paradise.
If you are a stalker, and the person you are stalking has a twitter...consider yourself lucky.
by viva_la_gloria August 30, 2009
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