Tweeting is like pooping. Everyone has done it, no one fully understands why or how it happens, and once you get into it, everyone enjoys it.
Girl 1: I just got a twitter from Miley cyrus! it says "waiting in line".

Girl 2: OMG you are so connected with whats up!
by Deez NUttsssss April 29, 2009
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To violently shake an erect penis, in an attempt to expel the last few drops of semen from the tip after an ejaculation.
She twittered my penis and made spiderwebs all over her face.
by juicy.king April 19, 2009
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a site that took the status updates from facebook and made it into a social network. its gay.
guy 1: yo,follow my twitter man.
guy 2. fuck no. get a facebook you queer
by fubous November 27, 2009
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It sounds really funny when important people say it. (Newscasters, old people, family, ex.)
"they found troubles in the exploratory phase of their Twitter experiment, but others have fully incorporated the application into their day-to-day operations now"

parental figure: my colleague showed me what twitter was today so i typed in your name what's all this smoking blunts and drinking forty's?
by Terry Tibbs TALK TO ME August 19, 2009
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to utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird, or titter; giggle. the act of twittering.
He heard the twittering sounds of the girls staring and flirting with him.
by DidiSmooch February 17, 2009
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Someone who talks about their or others' life 24/7
Girl: "Today I saw this guy eating a sandwich with HUGE bites!"
"Today my mom yelled at me for not doing the laundry"
"This morning I dropped my waffle! How horrible"
"During break I saw Ben and Jill kiss each other!"

Other: "She's such a twitter"
by masquerraid April 05, 2009
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Twitter is for hooligans and douchebags with nothing better to do than tell us why they are important. Sort of like blogs or Us magazine.
I just twittered about my big meeting I had earlier
by Ninja L November 13, 2009
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