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One of the very few things in the world both women and men love. Victoria's Secret models are the most beautiful women in the world which perform in the amazing Victoria's Secret Fashion Show every fall as well as in other cool publicity.
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2006 is the best example to see this brand in its very best.
by Batmanfan1 January 05, 2012
Once upon a time, they were the awards to the very best of cinema. But today they love to keep the Oscars away from incredibly talented people like Leonardo DiCaprio, Edward Norton, Christopher Nolan or Naomi Watts and instead giving them to not so talented people like Roberto Begnini, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Hudson (she sings great but her acting ain't that good) and Cuba Gooding Jr.
Oscars injustices:
a) The Hurt Locker winning the Oscar for best movie and (500) Days of Summer being totally ignored.
b) The King's Speech winning over Black Swann.
c) Roberto Beginini in Life is Beautiful winning over Edward Norton in American History X.
d) Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line winning over Felicity Huffman in Transamerica.
e) Ignoring Andew Garfield for his acting in The Social Network.
by Batmanfan1 January 05, 2012
Social network domained mainly by the so called beliebers since every day there's a trending topic related to Justin Bieber. It is also a way for many people to enlarge their egos by the number of followers they have and how is bigger to the number of people they follow making them believe they're important.
Person 1: I have 65 followers in Twitter and I follow 100 people.
Person 2: I have 768 followers and I follow 76 people. I guess I'm a celebrity.
by Batmanfan1 January 04, 2012
The living proof that you don't have to talented to succeed in the music business.
Britney Spears' presentation at the VMAs 2004 where she got more attention from kissing Madonna than from her singing skills.
by Batmanfan1 January 05, 2012
They're the awards that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in theory gives to the best of cinema and television. They divide everything in two categories: comedy and drama. Once upon a time, the Golden Globes used to be taken seriously, but in recent years their nominees are movies that didn't even intended to be awarded (The Tourist, Bridesmaids, RED, Alice in Wonderland, etc.) and flicks that didn't even deserved it (Avatar the most notable example).

Since the rating drops in these past years, the HFPA has turned to the most desperate gimmicks like having the annoying comedian Ricky Gervais as its host and disposable teen idols like Megan Fox and Justin Bieber as presenters.
Golden Globes injustices:
a) Avatar winning best drama movie and District 9 being ignored in the category.
b) Glee winning over The Big Bang Theory as best comedy series.
c) Terri Hatcher winning as best comedy actress in a TV series while her superior co-star Marcia Cross didn't get anything.
by Batmanfan1 January 05, 2012
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