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1. To watch your Twitter timeline without tweeting.

2. To not have a Twitter, but still follow along with celebrities' and your friends' tweets and trending topics.
Kevin: Son, get on Twitter.
Derek: I am.
Kevin: The fuck? You haven't tweeted anything in two days.
Derek: I know, man. I just been twatching something serious.

Joe: That #dirtysanchez trending topic last night was so epic.
Matt: Dude, do you even have a Twitter?
Joe: No, I just twatch.
by LeTwatcher June 10, 2011
59 20
Verb: To clock someone's twitter timeline.
He asked me why I had the time to tweet her back, and I hadn't tweeted him. I asked him why he was twatching me.
by That Liddle Shorddie March 06, 2011
64 38
adj; a very funny cool person to hang out with. Could be described as good looking and sexist. It is only rumored there are only a handful still in existence
Women always love making sammiches for twatches, as they are very deserving.
by PALS123 September 11, 2010
36 38
To watch twat; to look at a woman's vagina or to watch lesbian sex.
I'd rather be twatching.
The music was so horrific, it made me want to twatch.
That movie made me want to twatch.
by D.L.M. March 05, 2006
16 20
A female's internal menstrual clock; specifically relating to a man soliciting sex.
Captain BlueBalls: "Hey honey, what time does your twatch say?"
She-Bitch the Emasculator: "No go babe, Alabama's playing in town this weekend."
by John, A Goat from Space February 07, 2011
26 34
n. English, derived from twat and bitch. Refers to a woman who doesn't thank a man for sending her flowers.
That twatch didn't even call me after I sent her flowers!
by myfavoriteadam July 30, 2008
8 21
To watch pornography/ sexual things.
Twat + watch = twatch
I twatched last night.
by sayoko March 20, 2007
15 28