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Clearly one of the greatest adverbs in the English language. Can be used at the start or tacked onto the end of absolutely any - and I mean ANY - sentence for emphasis, adding that extra-special pretentious feeling that one desires in one's speech. Used particularly when the speaker would like to make the person being addressed feel that what is being said is purely common knowledge and that they are utterly retarded for not already knowing it or for disagreeing with it.
Clearly, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
by The Domo February 28, 2005
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Related to obviously. Used to convey a previous knowledge of the subject at hand.
Clearly that's what happend.
by S.D.B. January 16, 2005
Obviously, really,true. This word is played out.
This word is Clearly played out.
by icee February 18, 2014
Used to emphasize a phrase or statement to the listener indicating something that is not know but should be. Akin to recognize. Can be used seperately.
sentence: Clearly that nig thought he was coming over.
Clearly, she doesn't know who the f- she's talking to.
by ajs January 17, 2005
Pulling a "Clearly" described simply by publicly exploiting exp to get the highest level in an MMORPG.
click click ding click click ding
by Edarion November 22, 2004
i hate when people say this word all the damn time
Clearly you guys are morons
by ms thing March 18, 2005
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