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A head garment mostly worn by Sikhpeople. 99% of the turban wearing people in America are Sikhs.
People with turbans don't harm any one.
by Singh June 08, 2005
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A garmet, that is usually very clean, that is worn by some people because their religion and/or culture requires it. Turbans are made from long strips of cloth (up to 30ft) and wrapped around the head. The method of wrapping can tell an observer a lot about the wearer's background.
Turbans are pretty decent things to wear. Not at all dirty or bad. I should say the people who don't like them are incestuous pricks, or otherwise asshats.
by </time> September 14, 2003
A totally pimpin’ type of hat. It’s made of long strips of fabric wrapped around the head, and sometimes adorned with gold and stuff. Turbans have recently become taboo because of US government sponsored racial profiling of Arabs.
That turban is bling!
by Shard April 19, 2005
If you havn't come across a group dedicated to this on facebook, get out.
Liam joined the group: Don't you hate it when you spill curry on your favourite turban .
by Dyaaar March 31, 2010
1. A Vagina.

2. A popular form of headgear worn in the Middle East, North Africa and Southwest Asia. They are designed to help keep the user cool in hot desert environments such as the Sahara.
1. I wanna smash that yats turban in.

2. That sikh is wearing a turban.
by skankmaestro January 04, 2011
A hat without a feather
Guy 1:"Aw man look at that guy's hat! Whats with that?"
Guy 2:"Does it have a feather?"
Guy 1:"Nope."
Guy 2: "Turban."
by Julesicus June 04, 2011
A place where drug dealers and terrorists hide all of their illegal material.
متأنقة, لت'س حصلت بعض عشبة ضارّة وفجّرت بعض
by Muhammed The great October 15, 2008
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