the act of takeing an aricle of clothing, holding it in front of the anus while flagulating, then quickly wrapping the peice around ones face. Originates from buttercup
After having curry last nice, I just had to turban that old lady.
by Rondizzle Dog June 11, 2006
an name that you call someone when you dont like them.
i hate you mr. turban
by Robbie Burness January 13, 2006
The best way to tell when an Arab has reached the age where he can control his bowels. He takes the diaper off his ass and sticks it on his head.
I think Aknad is wearing the new Pampers turban today.
by John Heinz Kerry April 13, 2005
A shorter way to refer to towel head's
A turban runs that gas staion.
by B to the Rock October 26, 2005
Devil's Hat. (According to George Bush)
George w. Bush: Let's bomb everyone who wears those turbans!
by Arafat lives! December 26, 2004
A type of hat that Punjab drug dealers wear. They hide their drugs in the turban.
That guys wearing a turban, he must be a drug dealer!

Ashbab: Pass up the coke buddy
Ganjit: Let me take my turban off
by Corporal Wang May 30, 2005
a cheap towel that indians with disgusting hair wear.
It is usually thoroughly cleaned with grains of rice which absorbs their body odor which always smells.
The same rice is then eaten for dinner .
Thats disgusting eating rice that came from your smelly turban moneet
by Sharpie92 December 12, 2007

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