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10 definitions by Dyaaar

Alright mate, I know your probably at school, all the good sites have been blocked, I've been there myself, but resorting to searching for it on here really does indicate that you need to get laid. Quick.
Porn, no mate, not here.
by Dyaaar December 13, 2009
113 41
If you havn't come across a group dedicated to this on facebook, get out.
Liam joined the group: Don't you hate it when you spill curry on your favourite turban .
by Dyaaar March 31, 2010
123 85
A blonde lady with extremely gorgeous legs, also the name of a song by "Flight of the Conchords"
Rhys: Leggy Blonde
Everyday I look across the office floor

There you where your hair down to your legs

And your legs down to the floor
by Dyaaar December 11, 2009
14 2
A word said by sad fucking prats to describe a girls nice boobs.
Sam: Ohh look after your boobies, they are boobylicious ;)

Girl: Eww.
by Dyaaar December 11, 2009
16 7
The act in which a boy has a posh wank (wanking with a condom on)
Leon: What you at when you get home mate?

Danny: Dunno mate, probs gonna go have a posh one
by Dyaaar December 12, 2009
11 3
The white version of a black cunt
Harrison: OMG World of Warcraft is sooo gooood

Danny: Shut up white wog
by Dyaaar December 12, 2009
11 4
When somebody forgets to put the space between "blimey" and "your", and then you said "blimeyyour" out loud and sound like an absolute tit.
Guy 1: C'mon, lets carry him home

Guy2: Cor blimeyyour heavy.
by Dyaaar March 18, 2010
6 0