Usually referred to as a sport for those who cant compete in those such as football or lacrosse, track is actually one of the hardest sports there is in high school athletics. There are no time outs or substitutions in races, and you cant whine to your coach that you feel like your legs are going to fall off every second of the race. Those who say that track is for the weak have obviously never attempted to run an all out mile two mile and even then, would not come even close to the times that true runners have the ability to put up.
Track is different from the more mainstream sports in many ways. Unlike sports such as football or lacrosse, time is not wasted in practice by sitting around and talking on the sides. Instead, during a track practice you are almost always running/working, thus making track practices harder and much more efficient. Also, it is much harder to achieve honors in track such as all-state or all-american.
While track is a team sport, it is also widely seen as an individual sport. Each runner measures there own success by improvement from race to race. There are no benchwarmers in track; everyone races, but it is only those who work hard who will succeed. You get out of track what you put into it. For the most part, you are your own coach. You will determine how much you will improve and how successful you will become in this sport.
-"Ha you run track You suck at life"
-"Hold on can we finish this conversation later? i have to go to practice. We are doing 12 miles at a hard tempo pace today."
by dowork123 February 27, 2011
Top Definition
A sport that you have to be fast to do. Usually made fun of by fat kids who can't run. These fat kids usually stay home, get fat, and end up serving you at burger king later on in life.
He did varsity track.
by Kevy the Bevy June 12, 2003
A sport involving lots of running at a fast pace. The hardest working athletes are usually on track. Although they get little glory they know why they do it... Fo' the LADIES
The hottest girls in the school were the long distance runners on the track team
by Urban Dictionary June 01, 2004
A sport that has the hottest babes on the planet. Those who disagree just have not gone to a large invtational meet. (Penn Relays, The Armory, etc). Its also one of the most diffcult sports to do, as its a high impact sport on your knees, and can destroy your body if you do it incorrectly long enough. But its also one of the few high school sports in which you win metals, which rule.
Dude, that babe over there is STEAMING.
Well yea man, were at a track meet.
by Muldowney May 05, 2005
An extremely competitive sport that is a combination of running and field events. Obese people who wouldn't be able to last a day in it usually talk crap about people in track, because they are jealous.
JJSupah tried running the 100 meter dash, but fainted at the starting line and wouldn't move until he had McDonalds delivered to him.
by JJSupah is a fat kid March 30, 2005
Where the pimps and hos be at.
I'm chilling down the track getting some loot yo!
by DaSnoopinatorFoSho March 22, 2003
a sport where u need endurance, potential and speed
we had a great track season this year
by Anonymous June 24, 2003
A basic sport that requires advanced skill if one is to excel at it. Track encompasses the fundamentals of almost all sports, so a good track athlete is a good all around athlete.
Adam's only on the track team, but he could play football, rugby, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, badminton, basketball, and hockey. He doesn't have the time to play for any other team though.
by Anonymous May 19, 2003
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