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Great, extremely competitive, and extremely fun sport where runners compete to be the fastest in their respective races. Track helps create great athletes, and is misunderstood by many who do not see running as a sport. Both guys and girls run Track,and compete for victory. Most girls who run track are very pretty, which can be proven at any given time by going to any given meet. Guys who run Track are tough and handsome. track is very rewarding, but you get out of it what you put into it. Work hard, run hard, and you'll be a force to be reckoned with in any sport. Running for the fans gives an adrenaline rush that can't be matched, and a Runner's High no drug can replicate. Runners are usually good students, friendly people, and great athletes. Track runners are also very accepted in the social run of high school, just as popular as football players. Track is truly a great sport.
"Most sports require only one ball."

"Track has it all! Competition, Girls, Sport, and Fun!"

"The only sport greater than track is Cross Country."
by ShadyRunner February 12, 2009
The greatest and most pure sport ever created. Cross Country is usually thought of as insane and people cannot wrap their minds around why we runners do it. The sport is also overshadowed by Football, which is also played in the Fall. It requires dedication, and unthinkable amounts of physical and mental strength. Pain is a normal part of an XC runners life, and sacrifice become second nature to them. If one puts their all into the sport, it can be the most gratifying experience ever lived through. The comradery gained from powering through the cold, rain, mud, dust, heat and whatever nature can throw at you tempers the bond between teamates and friends. XC runners are usually good people, exemplary students, and quite social as well. If you try in XC, it is impossible to lose. You run until you die, then you get up and keep going. I know all of this from experience, and I watched some of the most dedicated runners ever born reap the benefits of their blood, sweat,and tears. Cross Country is truly one of the greatest sports ever created.
"Our sport is your sport's punishment."

"Cross Country runners are among the purest, most admirable people to live."
by ShadyRunner February 12, 2009
A group of adults (usually teachers or parents) who keep a lookout for young men (sometimes women) using dip or snuff when they are not supposed to do so.
Guy 1: "Man, I almost got busted by the Skoal Patrol today.."

Guy 2: "Did you have to swallow your dip?"

Guy 1: "Nah, I got lucky"
by ShadyRunner February 16, 2009

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