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A sport that has the hottest babes on the planet. Those who disagree just have not gone to a large invtational meet. (Penn Relays, The Armory, etc). Its also one of the most diffcult sports to do, as its a high impact sport on your knees, and can destroy your body if you do it incorrectly long enough. But its also one of the few high school sports in which you win metals, which rule.
Dude, that babe over there is STEAMING.
Well yea man, were at a track meet.
by Muldowney May 05, 2005
A Sweet game originally on the Dreamcast, with the sequel comming out for the Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube, each version with its own charactor. With a fighting system more dynamic than DOAs, and more akkin to Virtua Fighter than Tekken, Soul Calibur I and II are both supremley kick-ass, and sweet.
I Enjoy playing soul calibur on my Dreamcast.
by Muldowney May 05, 2005
The motion of movement Whilst wearing a pair of Nike Super Shift Running Spikes. This speical type of uber speed accomplished with said spikes is tremendous
He shifted down the track to finish his 400m in 48 flat.
by Muldowney March 22, 2005
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