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A commonly used street term referring to the area where prostitutes and pimps work. It's called the track because much like a track, the prostitute walks the area or block over and over in laps.
I worked the track everyday. My pimp made me work the track till he got paid.
by Nightriderjoe September 11, 2009
Noun -

People who are way too into flags. These people usually have multiple flag stickers all over their car or a bunch of flags on their property. They usually get all excited for useless holidays like Presidents Day, or Patriots Day to tend to their flags.
Today there was a group of people in front of city hall waving these FLAGS at the cars driving by it was so annoying. Bunch of flaggots.
by Nightriderjoe September 22, 2009
noun - a term used to describe a woman's breasts. The word's origin stems from the word "titties" which also is slang for a woman's breasts.

The phonetic pronunciation of "tittes" is almost identical to the abreviation for touchdowns commonly known as "TD's".

The word is always used in a complimentary manner.
In conversation:

"Hey Joe how about our waitress last night."

"I know did you see the touchdowns on her?...just perfect."
by Nightriderjoe October 08, 2009
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