scars caused by injecting drugs
he was taken in for questioning when they saw the tracks on his arms
by The Return of Light Joker December 20, 2008
A song or a beat with or without vocals.
"Got a crib with a studio and it's all full of tracks/ to add to the wall full of plaques..." - Dr Dre
"Damn nigga, this track blazin'"
"Scott Storch done laced dis track yo"
"bs doggy, you's a straight up hater, Storch ain't done nothin' wrong lacin' tracks for Paris Hilton he be gettin' the cream on the real B"
by Episcopus December 21, 2006
Similar to that of an animal, one can follow these up the forearm arms of a tweaker or a junkie.
"Dude, get your sleeves down, Boss is scoping your tracks!"
by SqueakaTweaka December 19, 2012
To understand/comprehend something.
Yeah man, I totally track what you're saying. It makes perfect sense.
by Meow456 May 16, 2011
An eighth of an ounce of weed. Probably derived from "8-track" tapes. 1/8 = Track
Can you hook me up with a track?
by Bob_Cob February 19, 2008
One eighth of an ounce of mary J, or 3.5 grams. Street price varies from $20-50 depending on how good it is
A: yo i need a track a nug
B: lemme get fitty dollars then
by Geoff April 23, 2006
A sport of running, with races generally being middle or sprint distances and on a running track, hence the name, opposed to cross country which is longer distances, not run on a track. However, some distances appear in both sports. Generally paired with field, as in "Track and Field." Actually being good at it required being in good shape, however it tends to be a sport people do just because they want to play some sport, but aren't very good. It also is generally a sport where people don't get cut, so it tends itself to this well. Also, easy to join once the season's already started, so it tends to get the rejects from other sports.
A: How was tennis tryouts?
B: I got cut, I think I'll run track instead.
A: Sound good, nobody gets cut from track
by Liz:) June 26, 2013

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