hair extensions that are glued onto your scalp, so called because the base crisscrosses like train tracks
"peirlietta, girl, you tracks be on all crooked"
by lauren September 01, 2003
the eighth wonder of the world...whoever came up with track, you are amazing.
To JJSupah whoever you are: screw you, you'd probably pass out after one of our practices
by Elizabeth April 14, 2005
Great, extremely competitive, and extremely fun sport where runners compete to be the fastest in their respective races. Track helps create great athletes, and is misunderstood by many who do not see running as a sport. Both guys and girls run Track,and compete for victory. Most girls who run track are very pretty, which can be proven at any given time by going to any given meet. Guys who run Track are tough and handsome. track is very rewarding, but you get out of it what you put into it. Work hard, run hard, and you'll be a force to be reckoned with in any sport. Running for the fans gives an adrenaline rush that can't be matched, and a Runner's High no drug can replicate. Runners are usually good students, friendly people, and great athletes. Track runners are also very accepted in the social run of high school, just as popular as football players. Track is truly a great sport.
"Most sports require only one ball."

"Track has it all! Competition, Girls, Sport, and Fun!"

"The only sport greater than track is Cross Country."
by ShadyRunner February 12, 2009
n. - needle marks caused by IV drug use
n. - a portion of drugs, usually a $10-20 vial of crack cocaine or heroin. Likely derived from the practice of splitting an ounce (brick) of cocaine into 8 portions (eighth or 8 ball), much like an album has around 8 or so songs, or tracks.
n. Street or streets where prostitutes stroll, looking for customers
"Tracks on my arms give me up as a junkie"
"Niggas who run fo' me, they don't even stash tracks, they keep 'em on 'em, right there in they ass crack" - 50 cent 'Back Down'
I'm an international player, I run tracks from coast to coast and on four continents.
by LazyBlaze May 09, 2003
Is a sport where you are running different races while wearing tight shorts. It is also the only sport where you take your pants off to run. Sometimes your coach will be evil and only care about the county championships. But all u gotta do is not care. Finally if ya can't run DO SHOTPUT!!!!
Track is the only sport where you take your pants off
My track coach only cares about counties
In track I run 800 meters
by Mzz NoRkA CoOl December 18, 2005
for those who can haul some serious ass.
reserved for the best.
-yeah, he's on the track team.
by ddddddddddddc March 26, 2009
A sport in which only the strong and determined thrive. People may call it weak. Those people probably never sprinted a 400 meter race.

Also, any track meet attended can be defined simply as a "hobo convention."
Ha, look at all the fat kids who can't run track
by iBurnDolls March 24, 2009

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