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The indentation between your tailbone and your cornhole; it is the counterpart to 'taint'.

Some Helpful Information: A lot of smelly stress gets built up in your tot (especially if you're a huge fatty and have trouble reaching it), so make sure to keep your tot clean! (and you should probably also lose some weight if you experience the aforementioned impetus to tot-cleanliness.)
This PSA brought to you by the Clean Your Tot! Alliance Foundation - helping to keep tots clean for a fresher tomorrow.
by Goobersmichael March 04, 2010

An abbreviation for the word totally
That car is tots cool!
by Graham Cooper February 13, 2008
Another name for Tater tots.
Hey gimme some of your tots..
by Matt Fairbourn January 04, 2005
A small child usually under 3 years old
I went to toys 'r' us to buy toys for the tots.
by chefrick45419 September 18, 2005
is not a word but an emoticon ToT the horizontal line of the T is the eye and the vertical a tear falling from it, the O is an open mouth ToT!!!
is like animeish stuff, u know, they wanna add feeling to a sentence

"I finally got a new job ToT"
by SkAnDa October 17, 2003
She's got a nice set of tots.
by John November 09, 2003
A word that is short for totally
I will tots go and do that!
by Graham Cooper February 12, 2008
tater tots known from napoleon dynamite
"give me your tots"
"no,i'm starving.get your own,you kyke!"
by stardeathxo October 08, 2007