The indentation between your tailbone and your cornhole; it is the counterpart to 'taint'.

Some Helpful Information: A lot of smelly stress gets built up in your tot (especially if you're a huge fatty and have trouble reaching it), so make sure to keep your tot clean! (and you should probably also lose some weight if you experience the aforementioned impetus to tot-cleanliness.)
This PSA brought to you by the Clean Your Tot! Alliance Foundation - helping to keep tots clean for a fresher tomorrow.
by Goobersmichael March 04, 2010
Another word for testicles, gonads or balls.
Tommy just t-bagged me with his two tots!
by Brandy47 November 22, 2011
A unit of measurement. However, it cannot be measured because it is so heavy
That girl must weigh a tot!
by ToTToT January 12, 2010
abbreviation of "totally"
Emily: "You wanna go to the mall?"
Me : "TOTS!!!!"
by catholicschoolgirls4life March 19, 2005
Tater tots, from the movie Napoleon dynamyte.
"Are you going to eat your tots?"
by Kip Ronald Dynamite March 02, 2005
Acronym for Texting on Toilet. What your text-crazed friend does.
"God damn Mark has been in the bathroom forever, he must be totting."
"I tried totting last week, but I dropped my phone in the bowl."
by Mattt T January 24, 2008
a type of alcohol or booze
yo blud u gettin tot tonight
yes man we totin in urs tonight
yh we'll tot it large
by nick smith1 July 17, 2006

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