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tater tots known from napoleon dynamite
"give me your tots"
"no,i'm starving.get your own,you kyke!"
by stardeathxo October 08, 2007
56 45
another name for tits, or breasts.
I can't ever find a shirt at that store that will fit my big tots.
by abby March 07, 2005
141 131
Small breasts. The word is derived from the small, fried potato snack: tater tots.

As the word "tits" is more general, the word "tots" references the small size of a female's breasts.
"There is no way my tots are going to fill up that shirt."

"I don't care for the big ones...I just like a pair of tiny tots."
by Hereinone November 26, 2011
18 11
"tired of texting" usually texted by a person that would prefer to talk
(text conversation)

Bill: Hey man how was the weekedn?

Greg: Awww. It was cool. Tons of vag in LV.

Bill: nfw. you hit that shit

Greg: yea, two shits at the same time

Bill: where they hurt?

Greg: tot

Bill: comon man. i'm sitting next to the gf. can't call. you gotta tell me.

Greg: fu tot
by shaykaykay April 22, 2010
33 27
pronounced (t-oh-tz)- abbreviation for totally.
Q:Hey man, wanna go play some ultimate frisbee?
A:Tots for sure, dude!
by ub3rmenschx March 18, 2009
40 34
Abbreviated version of "totally".
That is tots' cool!


I tots' heart you!
by Jeffrey Adam King II April 03, 2005
19 13
Acrynom for: Table of Twats
*Note that the definition for twat is used as whore

A TOT is a any table filled with whores. Usually as soon as one twat sits at a table, the TOT soon starts to build and quickly multiply.
A random guy says: Look at that Twat sitting alone

2 Minutes Later

Same guy: Holy crap, that TOT has over 10 people

Another 2 Minutes Later

Same Guy: What the f**k, that TOT completely multiplied by 300%
by Tobi is teh Pwn March 30, 2009
37 32