tater tots known from napoleon dynamite
"give me your tots"
"no,i'm starving.get your own,you kyke!"
by stardeathxo October 08, 2007
pronounced (t-oh-tz)- abbreviation for totally.
Q:Hey man, wanna go play some ultimate frisbee?
A:Tots for sure, dude!
by ub3rmenschx March 18, 2009
Small breasts. The word is derived from the small, fried potato snack: tater tots.

As the word "tits" is more general, the word "tots" references the small size of a female's breasts.
"There is no way my tots are going to fill up that shirt."

"I don't care for the big ones...I just like a pair of tiny tots."
by Hereinone November 26, 2011
acronym for Ton Of Tits.
used as a code for a large breasted woman
what man?
Check out the TOTs on her!
by Hugh Gorgan August 26, 2009
Acrynom for: Table of Twats
*Note that the definition for twat is used as whore

A TOT is a any table filled with whores. Usually as soon as one twat sits at a table, the TOT soon starts to build and quickly multiply.
A random guy says: Look at that Twat sitting alone

2 Minutes Later

Same guy: Holy crap, that TOT has over 10 people

Another 2 Minutes Later

Same Guy: What the f**k, that TOT completely multiplied by 300%
by Tobi is teh Pwn March 30, 2009
Polite English shorthand for the Yiddish expression "Tuchas Oyfn Tish", literally meaning "Ass on the Table". Figuratively used the mean "Put up or shut up".
Come on Manny. TOT. What's the bottom line here?
by Rosethorn2 October 04, 2010
"tired of texting" usually texted by a person that would prefer to talk
(text conversation)

Bill: Hey man how was the weekedn?

Greg: Awww. It was cool. Tons of vag in LV.

Bill: nfw. you hit that shit

Greg: yea, two shits at the same time

Bill: where they hurt?

Greg: tot

Bill: comon man. i'm sitting next to the gf. can't call. you gotta tell me.

Greg: fu tot
by shaykaykay April 22, 2010

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