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A slang that African American gangster's and Grand Theft Auto gamers use for capturing or dominating a territory means or abbreviates to Taking Over The Streets
dragonlife3645 said we TOTS all of Grove Street
by Oreo22222222222222222222222220 January 03, 2014
A funny word for saying cigarettes.
"Adam, give me some of your tots."
by whybborn September 23, 2013
T o T is a little person crying so hard that tears are streaming down from his pinched eyes in two continuous lines.
My manta ray flew away from me, and I don't think I'll ever see his smiling little mouth again! T o T.
by squiggledorf April 27, 2007
Totally, completely, extremely.
"That's tots strange!"
"Tots awesome."
by bakerqin September 08, 2011
texting on the toilet
text: "hey whats up? - tot"
by Fujito April 09, 2011
A man's nipples. Sometimes used to refer to a man's entire chest region.
Guy#1: Dude, why're you staring at my tots?

Guy#2: What? No way! I was just lost in thought.

Guy#1: Well cut it out; yer kinda freakin me out, here.
by jigsawz October 08, 2010
An abbreviation for Totally. Way better then Toats.
I tots like this better then that other word.
by Kellington Dewajingle July 18, 2010