Polite English shorthand for the Yiddish expression "Tuchas Oyfn Tish", literally meaning "Ass on the Table". Figuratively used the mean "Put up or shut up".
Come on Manny. TOT. What's the bottom line here?
by Rosethorn2 October 04, 2010
acronym for Ton Of Tits.
used as a code for a large breasted woman
what man?
Check out the TOTs on her!
by Hugh Gorgan August 26, 2009
A grown person who resorts to nonsense and ludicrousness in any and every situation. Someone who goes about daily activity in a childlike manner. A person who finds enjoyment and recreation in relentlessly picking on others and never ceasing to giggle. Simply silliness.
Cody was being such a tot by continuing to tickle me even after i told him not to.
by Totmaster December 22, 2011
Acronym for "A ton on tick" ($100 worth of product on credit), used commonly by South Australian people to baffle or evade police phone taps, or the paranoia of such an instance.
Bra, can you hook me with a Tot until pay day" "Yeah man, meet me at the Stuzmond at 8, if I'm not there I'll send Aspoten
by Jughead_Gay_mum+dad_Leslie October 30, 2010
tots (or TOTS) is an acronym for a discreate way of implying "Titties On Toasty Sandwiches"
As I walked through the deli, I couldn't help but salivating for some tots!
by M screws N November 29, 2010
A word that is short for totally. Some misunderstood people think that it is spelled totes. I am sorry to say that they are completely wrong. So wrong it is not funny. Tots is such a cool word.
OMG! Did you see that atyptical junk she was wearing to the tots cool soiree?

OMG! That was tots crazy.
by DJ Yia Yia May 09, 2011
T.O.T. means trick or treat, but in this case meaning that you trick someone in a battle or game and win, but the person you beat could've won. Commonly referred to newblits(a beginner player).
man that newblit should've just waited there, then he would've won. t.o.t.!
by demi-demon November 04, 2010

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