1. the general term for a male creature.

2. an expression used to describe total disgust.

3. the worst excuse for a human being.

4. bad liars.

5. a person who uses self-made catch phrases like: "i'm not going to lie." every five miniutes.

6. also the general term for any ho bag guy who will hook up with a girl while he has a girlfriend. see cheater.
1. look at that guy checking us out...what a tomtom.

2. ewww...when that guy threw up it was sooo tomtom.

3. tomtom is a crappy person.

4. well, he said that he had to go get his do because he was flying away. what a tomtom.

5. we were talking and that tomtom kept saying "i'm not going to lie, i'm not going to lie." it was so annoying.

6. yeah he cheated on his girlfreind. fucking tomtom!
by christine elizabeth September 13, 2006
Top Definition
A acronym for a Thompson SubMachine Gun, otherwise known as a Tommy Gun. Used in the Nicki Minaj single, "Massive Attack" in reference to 'attacking' the modern music industry with 'destructive' and catchy songs.
"We've got tom toms over here, bigger than a monster." -Nicki Minaj
by Evangelion0014 April 09, 2010
to locate. to locate or find something or someone you tom-tom.
The old lady would never tom-tom me here. Man, you're lucky cause my old lady's got built-in tom-tom.
by snappy's February 05, 2008
Portable GPS voice-activated car navigation system.
tomtom, do I turn left or right?
Man, I never would have found this place if it wasn't for my tomtom.
by J. Symonds June 28, 2006
A fine example of a human being.
TomTom's are often refered to as a person to look up to.
I wish I was TomTom
by Snowball April 01, 2003
The piece of shit GPS that got us lost for 2 hours and will most likely get you lost as well.
Time: Late at night.
Destination: Home/Highschool
Reason for trip: Drama
Device used:TomTom

Me - Hey, where are we?
Tom (Driver) - Still in Phoenix
Me - STILL?! Why are we still here?
Tom - The stupid TomTom.
Me - Damn it Tom! The TomTom got us lost!
by onrefni April 20, 2010
A skinny white male with a large penis capable of birthing small litters of well endowed kittens.
Dammit Tom Tom
by jizzmaster112233 February 10, 2009
diced tomatoes, mainly for gay folk
"ew, i hate when they put these big slices of tomato on my salad."
"I know, I wish they'd load me with tomtoms."
by Bauger February 22, 2009
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