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Not pertaining to any specific topic.
How to kiss a jaguar is irrelevant when fighting a rihno
by Drei-san August 02, 2006
138 40
99.9% of the results you get from ask jeeves.
I asked jeeves about jaguar maintainance and it gave me seven pages of irrelevant websites about the importance of properly mucking out animals, reasons to buy a big cat, reasosn not to buy endangered, non-domestic or dangerous species, fanboy webpages on 1993 computers, and finally, at the seventh page; a link to, which only told me about formula 1 racing and buying new cars.
by Gumba Gumba August 04, 2004
174 84
Unrelated; unimportant; useless; facebook
Facebook is irrelevant.

With every redesign, Facebook renders itself more irrelevant than the time before.
by sionrel February 19, 2010
173 87
1) Someone who used to be involved in your life (usually romantically), who now is out of the picture.

2) a word that can take the place of someone's name if you do not want to "name name's"
"We used to talk all the time but now he's irrelevant."
"What's that boy's name you used to date?" ..... "Oh you mean irrelevant?"
by rednuolf June 19, 2013
38 13
1) A person who does nothing of importance therefore, they are umimportant (or irrelevant)
2) A person who tends to think they are "doing big things" and are so popular but nobody know or cares who they are
Girl 1: Man I miss Bird Man? Where he at?
Girl 2: Bird Man is a irrelevant and you are too for saying that shit!
by Mr turn the fuck up December 01, 2013
12 8
When nobody cares who you are.

Not being liked makes you irrelevant to people.
Drake bell is irrelevant.
by NationalDictionary January 16, 2014
8 13
99.9% of Google's search results.

Most of searching with Google is trying to filter out all the irrelevant garbage that Google throws at you during a search.
Hm, where can I find a service manual for a monitor?
Dude, just google it!
I did irrelevant it. I came up with 500,000 sites reviewing the monitor, 200,000 sites selling me a monitor, 1,000,000 sites listing users manuals in general, 2 support pages, 10,000 forums - just forums about general topics - and 15,000,000 SEO-optimized spam search sites.
by Falcon4 March 30, 2008
40 57