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1. a male given name. Also little known Peanuts character introduced in 1965, and was the best friend of Peppermint PATTY (

2. generally a name for a virile and attractive male, could possibly be a Fire an Aries. Has a tendency to be stalked by older, unattractive, short women. Prone to being cockblocked. Has a hard time saying NO when necessary so may also be prone to "bad" touches and unnecessary roughness from short, hairy and detestable females when he's really dying inside at the thought. (think Ace Ventura and the shower and plunger scene)
Logic class Prof: Consider the following example:

1. The man is virile and attractive.
2. The man is an Aries.
3. A short detestable female tried to take the man's stuff.

Thus the man's name must be Roy.

Students (in unison): Damn Straight!
#roy #virile #man #attractive #heterosexual
by LightofTruth July 14, 2009
Roy –adjective
To be Roy is to be;
3.Attractive, Fit
4.Next Level
Roy is an adjective of someone who is highly appeasing, attractive, fun, happy, a good friend or someone you like.
Originating from Loughborough University, it was created by Andy, Rich and John to describe those who lived in Royce Hall, that were “Fit”. Since then the adjective has evolved into the current meaning.
May be used in the expression “YOUR SO ROY” (Pronounced “YOUR-R SO RO-OO-YY”) which would be said to some one who is Fit.
#roy #fit #sick #awesome #attractive #next level #happy
by Tom Dale January 17, 2008
An other word for king.
A bad ass. Everybody wants to be him or his place.This name have power and gives person named roy ,the winning-attitude.
Also cocky,but nobody is perfect.
Guy: - Hey you can't get my royalties nor sit on my throne! BUYA!
#king #boss #the man #quality #france
by anonymGirl September 10, 2012
The coolest person ever!
You are a roy type aren't you?

Response- You must be awesome!
#awesome #name #cool #roy #best
by RoyDaMan May 29, 2011
modern cockney slang for being keen i.e roy keane. generally used when excited/buzzing for something.
dave: you going to that party tonight?
phil: yeah i'm so fucking roy!!!
#roy #royy #keane #roy! #buzzing
by c.koe.woiii April 21, 2011
To expel vomit over one's shoulder without breaking conversation, and continue like nothing happened.
I went to a party last night and I Roy'd everywhere. Thankfully I don't think anybody noticed.
#royston #royy #vomitting #conversation #sick
by the_internet October 09, 2011
alloy wheels for the car

originates from Leicester, T don
del : "seen my new car, just needs a little buff and a set of roys"

del : "yo, do you wanna buy some roys for your beemer?"
#alloy wheels #alloys #rims #tyres #bmw
by yadaddytdon March 07, 2010
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