Milne's word. Scottish slang for dick. Variations;

toby, tobi.

Oi hacker, you fucking toby (tobi). /ban
by Brake September 23, 2007
a MUG! from cockney rhyming slang toby jug!
"look at that toby" something like that
by deanobalino September 02, 2007
An authoritative figure in the field of compliance, supervision, or human resources whose sole purpose is to make an office environment less fun.
That Toby blocked AOL at work.
by JGLOW June 19, 2009
Usually a pet name for a dog with anxiety problems.
The dog could have been abused or something.
But it's a dog, with problems.
"Toby, come here boy! It's time to take your pills!"
by Claudiolia May 26, 2009
a slang term for "mastubation"
my friend was caught tobying the other day
by 79087098 October 03, 2007
a reference to roots used to describe someone who is pussy whipped
Andrew:dude,your pussy whipped
Lee:yeah Toby
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
A fool, underling, or unwitting servant; a lesser person.
"Hey go get me a beer!"
"Screw you dude, I'm not your fucking Toby."
by Hull April 14, 2009

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