Milne's word. Scottish slang for dick. Variations;

toby, tobi.

Oi hacker, you fucking toby (tobi). /ban
by Brake September 23, 2007
a MUG! from cockney rhyming slang toby jug!
"look at that toby" something like that
by deanobalino September 02, 2007
a reference to roots used to describe someone who is pussy whipped
Andrew:dude,your pussy whipped
Lee:yeah Toby
by mark zeman June 06, 2005
toby = an impish hobbit!
likes to annoy people a lot..
and has impish tendancies lol!
look at that imp, reminds me of toby
by .x.J.x. May 16, 2008
A fool, underling, or unwitting servant; a lesser person.
"Hey go get me a beer!"
"Screw you dude, I'm not your fucking Toby."
by Hull April 14, 2009
tool, fool, un cool
you are such a toby
by jkghkmcg August 15, 2008
A common pet name for any abnormally large and attractive mole usually on the facial area.
Dumb 1: Wow is Toby not the hottest piece of ass you've ever seen?

Dumb 2: Totally!
by bootylishdelish March 23, 2007

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