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Strong, independent, artistic woman who stands out in a crowd!
I'd like to be like Tobey!
by Tobey! February 04, 2010
An amazing guy who makes you feel your best. He can make anyone smile at anytime of the day. He is the best boyfriend/friend you could ever ask for. He will make your life a thousand times better
"Tobey is the best boyfriend I could ask for"
by Nutty Magee August 21, 2011
A complete bag of douche who thinks that they are a total player. Often seen wearing extremely homosexual pink shirts, plaid shorts, and Swiss (what the fuck?) hats.
Attempts to mack on a different girl every day (and usually never succeeds). Actually, to sum it all up, he's a model. For underwear. Favorite pastimes include taking pictures of oneself and dyeing oneself's hair.
Wow, that kid just slapped me on the ass. What a complete tobey.
by ninja II April 19, 2008

1. A stub-fingered dwarf.
2. Smiley toddler with a touch of down's syndrome.
3. Shin-kicking nancyboy with an affinity for black dick.
Q: Who is that little boy standing under the coffee table crying?

A: Oh that's just little Tobey, but don't give him too much attention or he will try to sell you life insurance.
by Tumbletee October 08, 2009
An awful name given to children who are obviously despised by their parents

that kid is an absolute douchebag

yeah, he must be a Tobey
by rogan joshmeister January 19, 2010
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