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A Toby is a insect, usually found in the back garden. The term, Toby, can also be used be used for a person who is sexually frustrated, and is usually extremely unpopular. To be Tobyish, is to be frigid, slow and extremely awkward.
-I saw a guy yesterday, totally Tobyish who was walking down the street, screaming "will you go out with me?!?" to every person he saw!

-What a Toby!

by the sexinator October 11, 2007
27 80
1. A wet dog.
2. A disgusting smell.
3. A person that lives like a wet smelly dog.
That smells like a Toby
by Caliber44 June 15, 2009
16 72
A term used to describe someone who was just owned or pwned, derived from the slave character Toby/Kunta Kinte from Roots.
Shut the fuck up, Toby.
by Mayor_McCheese August 11, 2006
66 122
The underpart of your chin that everyone has. Some may have it bigger than others.

Referred as a woddle on Ally Mcbeal.
That grandma has a huge wrinkly old toby!
by Minas and Andrea January 08, 2008
6 63
a log of shit, usually exceptionally large or long
Dude, I just emailed you a picture of the Toby I dropped.
by Knapptown August 16, 2006
57 119