A black person that should be picking cotton
That Toby is lazy as hell
by cracka25 October 23, 2013
me ,epic ,sexy ,hot ,fantastic, no common sense, intelligent,
friendly, pure evil ,strange ,abnormal, weird, freak, too many blocks, lots of friends ,hyper-active ,lots of exercising ,interesting, violent, no soul, inhuman
hey look its the grim reapers apprentice its Toby
by simbeebee May 21, 2011
Origin: Roots miniseries
Use: noun
A name given to a slave, most likely male, for a modern day and age. All rules that would apply to a black male before the 1950s must apply to this person by force from society. such a title can be earned by acting weak, being a douche bag, nerd, geek, idiot, or simply for crowd amusement. Any such person will have his name removed and replaced with Tobey.
person: Toby get your dumb ass over here.
person2: who is Toby?
person: you are dumb ass, now get over here!
Tobey: ...*sigh* ukay...
by truestoria November 09, 2010
A chick with big o' titties. or.....TIG O' BITTIES. Shortened to "TOBY"
Dude...check out the chest on that chick....she's a TOBY.
by thajazman December 21, 2010
A term refering to someone slightly plump or mildly overweight.
check out that toby over there
by The Real jFRO December 10, 2010
same thing as a wigger. a white guy who dresses like a black person/desperately wants to be a black person. has baggy shirts/jerseys/wife-beaters, chains, cell phone clips, backwards hat/visor, greasy bangs (aka Tobe-sicles), earrings, white tennis shoes, crappy low-riding trucks/cars, etc. they also try to imitate black dialect. you will notice a toby by how much he looks like a douchebag. rumored to have started in Lafayette, Louisiana. 2 high school baseball teams played each other, and one team had about 3 or 4 guys named Toby. They all matched the description above.
"a bunch of tobys were whistling at me today at the gas station"
by reggins July 27, 2006
A Toby is a degrading term used on inferior beings. Generally a Toby will come in the form of a general idiot. The term is most likely to be heard from the passenger-side windows of Peugeot 206s in the North-West of England aimed at Tobies who are passed on the street.
*Whilst passing through derelict towns such as Burnley in a car*
Look at that supid fuckin Toby, who the fuck can fit their shoes on backwards for fuck's sake: Fuckin Tobies, pffff.
by Fenny August 06, 2006

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