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A chick with big o' titties. or.....TIG O' BITTIES. Shortened to "TOBY"
Dude...check out the chest on that chick....she's a TOBY.
by thajazman December 21, 2010
8 26
A term refering to someone slightly plump or mildly overweight.
check out that toby over there
by The Real jFRO December 10, 2010
29 48
same thing as a wigger. a white guy who dresses like a black person/desperately wants to be a black person. has baggy shirts/jerseys/wife-beaters, chains, cell phone clips, backwards hat/visor, greasy bangs (aka Tobe-sicles), earrings, white tennis shoes, crappy low-riding trucks/cars, etc. they also try to imitate black dialect. you will notice a toby by how much he looks like a douchebag. rumored to have started in Lafayette, Louisiana. 2 high school baseball teams played each other, and one team had about 3 or 4 guys named Toby. They all matched the description above.
"a bunch of tobys were whistling at me today at the gas station"
by reggins July 27, 2006
304 326
A Toby is a degrading term used on inferior beings. Generally a Toby will come in the form of a general idiot. The term is most likely to be heard from the passenger-side windows of Peugeot 206s in the North-West of England aimed at Tobies who are passed on the street.
*Whilst passing through derelict towns such as Burnley in a car*
Look at that supid fuckin Toby, who the fuck can fit their shoes on backwards for fuck's sake: Fuckin Tobies, pffff.
by Fenny August 06, 2006
132 162
word to decribe a mug.
toby jug = mug
look at the fucking toby
by BeNnY BaBy September 03, 2007
150 188
Kuntekente, a black slave from the book or movie Roots
by Tyler May 14, 2005
182 220
Milne's word. Scottish slang for dick. Variations;

toby, tobi.

Oi hacker, you fucking toby (tobi). /ban
by Brake September 23, 2007
26 67