1. Delicious food that goes well with cheese spread.
2. To make toast.
1. Mmm, toast...
2. HAHA I toasted your car! Oh crap *police sirens* *runs*
by Hyper January 27, 2004
A super sexy tan dude
I'm lookin' for a fine ass piece of toast with green eyes

See that dude over there, he's toast af
by Radelicinfluence April 02, 2014
A game where a group of guys masturbate on a piece of toast and the first one to cum has to eat all the pieces of toast. Its the perfect game for sleepovers.
Ben: "Hey you wanna play toast?"
Joe: "Sure lets play"
*Joe cums first and eats toast*
by Fuck yourself. February 17, 2014
Literally "tits on a stick"; a skinny girl with very large breasts
"Dude did you see that girl in the red dress?"
"Yeah man, toast."
by BrilloPad February 17, 2014
To fuck up; make a mistake
Can also be used as a verb
"Wow failed my maths test again, really toasted that one"

"Such a try hard,that boy is really just toast"
by Feliz navidad November 30, 2013
Thrive On Awkward Situations Today. Take advantage of your awkward moments. When you do something totally awkward in front of someone, follow it up with something even more awkward and lasting friendship will inevitably follow. Also can be used as an adjective to describe this kind of situation; "Dude, that was totally TOAST."
Guy: Ooh when's the baby coming?
Gal: I'm not pregnant. I'm fat.
Guy: (Stands awkwardly for a moment, then belches loudly.)
Gal: You're really awkward.
*lifelong friendship ensues.*
by Angel Bob August 17, 2013
Toast, meaning a super amazing person who's loved by everyone or if someone does somthing amazingly fantastic and is "well good" then there Toast.
Also, Toasty can be used to mean something is good.
"Your soooooo toast"
"babes your toast"
"your so toasty babes"
"Fridays going to be sooooo toasty"
by Plague. May 29, 2012
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