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(verb) To exaggerate tenuous or dubious connections, as Glenn Beck might with the aid of his chalkboard.
Man, Breitbart was really chalkboarding about Obama running Occupy!
by emcro April 20, 2012
Having sex with a black woman and ejaculating on her, preferably all over her back.
Dan could write his name, as well as complex calculus problems, on the ethiopian woman's body, making her into his very own chalkboard; Craig, however, had to stick to piss in the snow and geometry.
by Jafaar November 09, 2006
A term used to secretly tell one person that another seems to have bigger boobs then usual
"Dude, that girl is chalkboard today!!!"
"I noticed!!!"
by pSeUdOnYmduhhhhh January 27, 2009
Often sunonimous with getting off on two or more female partners as they lie nude and one cums all over their stomachs, leaving a sticky white substance. Then proceeds to write his first name on one girl and last name on the other.
Those two bitches got chalk boarded last night. See my name is on their stomachs.
by JAD October 06, 2003
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