a person that commonly partakes in substances that alter ones sense of reality, mainly marijuana and ecstasy. a Toast, also is usually the first to suggest attending a party, or suggest that one should be started. a person known as Toast, is most often of an outgoing personality and is quick to facilitate the delinquency of others. a Toast, is typically very creative and deep, whilst being approachable and friendly. People known as Toast may have a bad reputation as a lame stoner, but a Toast is much more than your common stoner. a Toast often possesses intelligence that one might find hard to believe, the limits to this intelligence are not known at this time. a Toast is a person to cherish and love. If you know a Toast, stay close and in touch with that person.
1. Have you seen Toast today, i don't know if he survived the party last night.

2. Hello I'm Toast, the stoner who can help you.
by Regis February 20, 2008
The Obease Americans for a Slimmer Tomorrow
That guy should definately apply for TOAST!
by Matt Whiteside January 16, 2008
Old fashioned Brit. rhyming slang. Toast = burnt bread = Dead.

(Variation "Hovis" a type of brown bread in UK)
I published a goatse pic of the Queen. I'm toast.
by fortophor August 13, 2007
1. Toasted sliced bread
2. Ready sliced bread that is packaged and bought from shops (before toasting).
Mum: "Can you get some eggs, milk and toast from the supermarket?"
Answer "yeah do you want Hovis or Warbuttons?"
by LanguageExpert_likes_cats July 05, 2013
Very hot guy. A guy that you could nom up.
Omh that guy is toast.
by sMegan May 23, 2012
Greenery, Budbudskunk, Bombassdank, Torque, Green Green Grass, Buddery, Greens, Janery, Torst


Toast (v) the act of inhaling the combustive vapors of the cannabis plant
1.Ey mayn, let's toast some of that skunk
2. that's some real bombass toast
3. That's a fat sack of toast
by realfunandencouragement November 29, 2011
Fresh, original as opposed to retoast.
"Yo nigga, did you see Jamal's new kicks?"
"Yee bro, that shit's toast as fuck!"
by mylodoo November 28, 2011
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