When drinking, toast means you have reached your point of ultimate drunk-ness. This is the moment you put your shot glass down and exclaim, "I'm toast", like " I'm done" .Can also be described by saying one is "in the toaster" or "burnt toast" depending on their level of drunk-ness at the time.
I wanna be toast tonight! Let's RAGE!
by challahanOSU2010 June 22, 2011
A game where 3 or more people from texas do a circle jerk around a piece of toast. The last one to ejaculate has to eat the toast.
John boy want to play toast?

Isn't that where we jerk on some toast and then eat it?


Lets do it because we're from texas.
by Naffy Pruss May 02, 2011
adjective. used to desribe someone who is cool, sick, hella chill, nice, etc. they have ideal qualities for someone you would like to hang out with whether it is a bro or a chick.

atonym: burnt, stale.
bo- "shes so toast."
luke- "yeah, I hella like her."

bo -"that other chick was stale."

luke -"yeah!..... so burnt."
by Thegeneral069 April 07, 2011
a slang word for sexual intercourse
hey babes, fancy coming back to mine for a slice of toast?
by simon124ansdglzzvz December 14, 2010
A euphemism for sexual bedroom activities including copulation and ocasional fisting.
Awkward Boy: Do you want to come back to my room for toast?

Emotionally turmoiled girl: Nah mate- got a 9am.
by catzwong December 13, 2010
adj.; bay slang for bad, terrible.
Rahul: "I ate some pussy last night."
Elijah: "Ugh, that shit TOAST!"
by Paco Star May 13, 2010
n. Toast; A Toast is a person who is exceptionally skilled at planning events such as parties, concerts, etc.

v. Toasting; the act of planning events exeptionally well
Dude, your party was awesome! You're such a Toast!

Our manager's been Toasting lately, he got us a show with Bowling For Soup!
by Atmosck February 09, 2010

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