An old women (often an old skank), not a GILF nor a MILF, who smoked and drink too much and whose voice sound like a mix of an exhaust pipe and a rusty chainsaw on a chalkboard.
-Bill (ironicly): "Man, you got some success with the lady. This fine cougar over there keep giving you look"

-Tom (Realizing who Bill is talking about): "Ha man! Look at this toast! She's probably a 100 years old and still behave like if she was a teen slut!"
by Max Big Dog December 30, 2010
A new and redefined word of the term "epic" which wall a commnly used word
Dude that movie was so toast!

Man, I'm so toast !
by Mikey09!? May 19, 2009
Yes, I agree, indeed,
" Shall we go now?"
" Toast."
by klebb March 02, 2009
the new slang for totally
deriving from totes or toats
-you know what i mean?
by wiper blade December 15, 2007
totally (evolving from abbreviation "toats")
"You going to see Sarah DJ in the City on Saturday?"
by ttly December 15, 2007
1. Delicious food that goes well with cheese spread.
2. To make toast.
1. Mmm, toast...
2. HAHA I toasted your car! Oh crap *police sirens* *runs*
by Hyper January 27, 2004
A super sexy tan dude
I'm lookin' for a fine ass piece of toast with green eyes

See that dude over there, he's toast af
by Radelicinfluence April 02, 2014

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