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(P)artner (I)n (C)rime-or pic is another name for a best friend.
"My pic and I went to the warped tour"
by Tripod August 08, 2004
The act of tongueing a male anus whilst reaching around to wank them off.
Name after the legendary English Darts player, Eric Bristow, as the act resembles throwing a dart.
I love it when she gives me a Dirty Bristow!
by Tripod June 18, 2003
Army slang used as a generic response to any question that would otherwise require a yes or no, or used in place of profanity when being given bullshit orders or receiving an ass chewing.
Dumbass NCO: Did you PMCS your Humvee?
Lazy Private: Hooah...

Worthless 1SG or Company Commander at COB formation at 2330 hrs: Formation tomorrow will be at 0315, bring in all of your issued gear and be prepared to take the APFT. Afterwards we will march to the motor pool for safety day activities which will last until 1730. Nobody will be released until POV inspections are done and all counseling statements are finished. After formation all barracks personell will stand at by their rooms for inspection, post housing personell will police call the parking lot, and off post personell will sweep the line at the motor pool.

Soldiers in Ate up Company: Hooah....(grunts and moans heard in the background)
by tripod October 02, 2004
A dry sarcastic asshole
"After the teacher failed us, his new name was toast."
by Tripod August 08, 2004

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