Very large breasts which look good while supported by a bra, however they sink quickly after the bra is removed.
Given her age, I suspect that Dolly Parton has a Titanic breasts.
by dion February 04, 2005
A girl who goes down on the first time out.
"Last night was great!"

"What'd you do?"

"I went out with Mary."

"Oh? The Titanic? Nice!"

*high fives*
by McFatty May 04, 2005
Girl that goes down the first time out.
"Ayye, guess what?"


"I got top from that girl at Michelle's party Friday!"

"You mean you found a titanic?!"
by RollingSt0ner August 11, 2013
When you're in a deep pile of shit that you can't get out
Dang, I'm in a titanic right now because I have a shit ton of homework!
by ThatGuyDownTheStreet March 03, 2014
The tragedy of a large cruise ship that began to sunk after hitting an ice berg, and the movie named after it.
That movie Titanic had a lot of holes in it.
No pun intended.
by Headladn June 27, 2014
Just like the titanic, she goes down on the first date. AND swallows a bunch of seamen.
"Hey bro, yea she was a Titanic in bed."

"I heard she was a Titanic"
by Sinister Kid September 19, 2012
A sex move that is more easily achieved from doggy-style. To complete this move from doggy-style, wrap her legs around your waist. Have her lock her ankles behind your back. Grab her wrists and pull her arms back towards your chest. After her body lifts off the bed, couch, chair, etc., move her arms to their respective sides and pull as far as her arms will go. The final result resembles the scene on the Titanic where the chick is at the front, feeling the breeze. Hence, the name and inspiration.
Hey, how did it go with Megan last night?

Dude, it was awesome!! She loved the Titanic.
by Mr. T-Rexxx October 09, 2010
when a man is "hard" and a female sits on his penis and falls to the ground with his penis in her in result snaping his penis.
friend: "why do you have an ice pack on your wang?"
You: "My girl friend gave a titanic."
by billballz January 13, 2010

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